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New lending channels.
More loans.

Expand your auto and consumer loan portfolio with access to new lending channels, hassle-free operations, and a built-in retailer network.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help credit unions grow profitable portfolios by connecting
them to desired channels, markets, and products for new and existing members.

FI Connect is dedicated to keeping credit unions top of mind in today’s consumer lending marketplace. By being present in top of funnel finance channels offered by OEMs, dealers, and online marketplaces where financing is available, FI Connect is blazing a trail for credit unions to capture the next generation of borrowers.

As a unique credit union service organization (CUSO), we offer an accessible and affordable solution that leverages advanced lending automation, extended hours, domain expertise, and the scale to help credit unions win in the ever-evolving lending market.

CUSO-driven lending success

Partner with a CUSO dedicated to unlocking new lending opportunities for credit unions. Our technology and expertise allow us to effectively aggregate programs to find the best financing solutions for borrowers’ needs. Once you’re connected with FI Connect, you can purchase and service the loans needed to grow your loan portfolio while retaining existing members, capturing new members, and building relevancy in today’s consumer market.

Build your loan portfolio

FI Connect leverages a digital lending experience to provide credit unions a gateway to automotive and other retailer loan acquisition opportunities.

Partner with a CUSO

Our CUSO status gives you access to a partner dedicated to your lending success. Our mission is to support the credit union collective and help credit unions grow loans.

Maintain consumer relevancy

As the U.S. loan market and consumer trends evolve, we’re here to ensure credit unions maintain relevancy and continue to be a top consumer choice.

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